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Apple iOS7 Users Only

Apple has introduced Activation Lock as a new feature for iOS7 which locks your Apple device to your iCloud account. If you are using iOS7 with Activation Lock we require you to remove your device from your iCloud account before sending it to us.
If you are running iOS6 or below, removing your device from your iCloud account is not required. To learn which iOS version your device is using go to Settings > General > About > Version.

How to remove your device from your iCloud account.
There are two options for removing your device from your iCloud account. It can either be done via the device itself or via If your device is faulty please use Option 2.

Option 1 - via your device

  1. Turn ON your device
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Select iCloud
  4. Press Delete Account
  5. Enter your Apple ID password when prompted
  6. Select Turn Off

Option 2 - via

  1. Make sure the device is switched OFF*
  2. Log into your account with Apple ID and password
  3. Select Find My iPhone
  4. Select device from Device list in the top left hand menu
  5. The device will hopefully appear as Offline
  6. Select Remove from Find My iPhone
  7. Select Remove on confirmation message